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EZ Office is a selection of Rewriteable, Magnetic and Projector Capable wall coverings for the modern corporate and educational space.

Just like a traditional whiteboard, but better.

Main Features

The Rewriteable wallpaper can cover a section or entire wall depending on your requirements.


Our standard dry erase wallpaper comes with Magnetic capability but we do offer a non-magnetic option.

Projector Capable

With the Matt option you can use the whiteboard for projecting your presentations. Please remember the Gloss option is not projector capable.


We can print your logo’s, slogans, designs and pretty much any artowrk onto the rewriteable wall covering to give it a personlised touch.

EZ Office

We also offer a number of other rewriteable and magnetic options for surfaces likes desks and MDF Boards which use a self adheisve dry erase as well as clear vinyl for glass and windows.

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A little inspiration goes a long way.

Have a look at some of our more recent rewriteable projects.

EZ Wall Customised


Personlise your Rewriteable with custom designs. We can print logo’s, slogans or any artwork on the wallpaper.

Cover just a section


With EZ Wall, you can cover just a section or entire wall.

Cover pillars or columns


The rewriteable wallpaper is flexibile enough to cover round pillers and square columns.

Make any surface writeable area.

Projector Capable


Our Matt finish can be used as a projector screen for presentations as well.

Write on, Wipe off


Just like a traditional whiteboard, you can use normal whiteboard markers. It’s even easier to clean as well, with just a touch of water and a microfiber cloth you will remove it easily.


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