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The standard length of a roll of our wallpaper 10.05 metres (11 yards) unless otherwise stated. However we have various rolls sizes so it is always important to look at the size of the roll when choosing and calculating how much wallpaper will you need.

Here is a basic breakdown to help you:

  1. Standard Wallpaper rolls are 10 meters long by 53cm wide. These are what most wallpaper rolls are produced at.
  2. “Double rolls” are rolls that are twice the size of standard wallpaper rolls. They are 20 meters long by 1.06 meters wide.
  3. Commercial wallpapers can vary in size and are normally used for large scale projects. These wallpaper rolls come in 30,40 and 50 meters long and the width of the roll can vary from 1.06, 1.1 and 1.3 meters wide. This type of wallpaper offers a wider coverage and more cost effective which is why it is preferred on large scale hospitality and commercial projects.